Our Team - ATP Nigeria

The Founder and Executive Director

Kenneth Eze


Kenneth Eze

Kenneth Eze founded Africa Tomorrow Plus e.V. in 2009 and has worked voluntarily with children and young people in Germany for the past 20 years.

Kenneth Eze is a songwriter, singer, vocal coach and a music producer. A father of two. Mr. Eze grew up in Cameroon with both parents, Nigerians. He travelled 1995 to Germany to continue his education. He has been working voluntarily in Germany with children and youth since 1996. 

In addition to his passion for music, working with children, as well as musical cooperation with them and achieving set goals are among his passions. With the support of the German government, FC Werder Bremen, and other freewill donors, he built a music studio for children and youths in Bremen-Germany. 

Mr. Eze published his first children’s book “Friends forever” in 2018 and cemented a desire to become an Author. The book has been translated into many languages amongst, English, German, French and Swedish. 

His childhood aspirations helped him to achieve this goal in Germany. He set himself the goal of encouraging children and young people with the belief that: “You can move mountains and everything is possible if you give your best.”

Kenneth Eze is a trained gastronomy specialist, personal fitness trainer/nutritionist and further studied as a Pharmaceutical Rep. He has been chief executive in many leading German conglomerates, such as Planet Hollywood, Warner Bros. Movie World, Eurest Sports & food GmbH, KFC, Hi-Jump trampoline park and North Trampoline Guthenburg Sweden.

Still basking in the euphoria of a successful outing by his foundation “Africa Tomorrow Plus” a foundation formed to basically support African children in Africa/Diaspora. This foundation, which spares a thought for the less privileged no doubt, has also carved an outstanding niche for itself in the area of integration in Europe.

Mr. Eze is presently Operation Manager in Olympic Stadium, Berlin Germany.


Teena Sankara-Eze


Teena Sankara-Eze

Teena Sankara-Eze believes educating a girl child is educating a Nation.

Teena Sankara-Eze is a linguist and a writer. She graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with combined honors (French and German).

She was awarded a scholarship from the Goethe Institut and did her internship in Frankfurt-Germany.

Her passion for girl child education has been a driving force, considering it is undermined by the cultural background she came from. Optimistic and defiling all odds, she believes educating a girl child is educating a Nation.

Her zeal to channel the energy of youth to positivity and innovation cannot be overemphasized.

PR Manager and Adviser

Prophet Emmanuel Ben Odigie

PR Manager and Adviser

Ben Odigie

Ben Odigie's love for children and young people led him to join ATP and he is one of the founding members.

Prophet Emmanuel Ben Odigie is the founder of Redemption of Grace Ministries e.V. Bremen Germany, which is a multicultural and multifaceted church. In addition to his role as a pastor, he is a father, teacher, and author of the book “The Problem Is Glorious”.

He is also the CEO of Benotek, a Multi-Service Limited company and he serves as a consultant to many companies and corporations.

His commitment and that of his community is dedicated to providing shelter, clothing, food, education and community support to the elderly. In addition, Mr. Odigie and his community provide assistance to various health facilities such as hospitals, crisis relief organizations and nutrition programs.

His love for children and young people led him to join ATP and he is one of the founding members.


George Nwanguma

Media Director

George Nwanguma

George Nwanguma is committed to fostering digital literacy in disadvantaged communities.

George Nwanguma is a Historian with a major in International Studies. In 2011, he began his career as an elementary school teacher in Lagos, Nigeria. He worked with three schools, dedicating 10 hours per day to educating children and young people.

After years in education, he switched to technology, web design, and development, with the goal of improving digital literacy in disadvantaged communities and learning processes in local schools.

He is committed to developing an adaptive learning and school management software to improve early literacy for local school students as well as to aid computing and data storage.

He believes that technology holds the great possibility to expand access to education in Africa while also improving its efficacy and efficiency.