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ATP Strives to support Children and Youth

Our goal is to inspire and support children and young people all over the world to make a difference in their communities by providing them with the resources they require.

All of our efforts are focused on meeting the needs of children with cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges as well as personal circumstances such as poverty, disability, dispositions or mental health difficulties, social status, belonging to a minority or immigrant background, experiencing maltreatment, being an unaccompanied minor, or being placed in an out-of-home facility.

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Children and Youth Development

Our children and youth development programs are aimed at improving the lives of children and young people by meeting their basic physical, developmental, and social needs and assisting them in developing the skills required to become successful adults.

Educational Support

Education is the right of every child, but millions of children lack access to it. We strive to change this narrative by assisting children and young people, particularly the most vulnerable ones, with their educational needs. We also provide textbooks, computers, laboratory equipment, and other resources to schools and kindergartens so that they can provide a good and high-quality education.

Gender Equality

We work to dismantle gender stereotypes in developing societies and ensure that girls and boys have equal rights and opportunities through programs that focus on sensitization, support for the girl child, and empowerment.

Musicals, Art and Craft

We organize musicals, art and craft programs to provide children and young people with a positive environment where morale, self-esteem, confidence and character are strengthened. 

Our music and art programs help children develop creativity, innovation, social skills, language and reading comprehension, critical thinking abilities, self-confidence, cultural and interpersonal connections, discipline, improved academic performance and memory.

Support to Vulnerable Children

We provide long-term, consistent support to orphanages and homes for children with special needs by meeting their physical, educational, nutritional, medical, and emotional needs. Through collaboration with individuals, organizations, foundations, and businesses, we provide adequate resources to homes for children so that they can provide better care.

Talent Development

Children and young people are multi-talented, and it is vital that we help them develop their skills and abilities. Through training, extracurricular activities, and structured youth activities, we provide them with opportunities to discover their unique abilities and pursue their interests.

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We strive to provide for the fundamental and urgent needs of vulnerable children all around the world. With the help of generous donors like you, we are able to provide disadvantaged children a chance at a better life.