Our Volunteers


Kenneth Eze

Kenneth Eze founded ATP in 2009 and has worked voluntarily with children and young people in Germany for the past 20 years.


Charlotte Kraus

Charlotte Kraus is responsible for the implementation and planning of our projects.


Ben Odigie

Ben Odigie's love for children and young people led him to join ATP and he is one of the founding members.


Alphonsine Arsfeldt

Alphonsine actively seeks opportunities to promote an inclusive, fair working environment at all levels and between all groups


George Nwanguma

George Nwanguma is a tech volunteer committed to building digital literacy in disadvantaged societies.


Volunteer with ATP and Together We Can Help Every Child in Need

We believe that you can make a difference in your own unique way. Volunteer with us to help reach out to children in your community who are in need. To get started, please fill out the volunteer interest form. It's amazing what we can achieve when we work together.