About Us

Africa Tomorrow Plus e.V. exclusively pursues non-profit charitable purposes. The goal of our projects is to add value to children and young people.

Our Story

ATP was founded to promote and support development projects in Europe.

ATP is a non-profit international organization that was founded in Germany in 2009 to promote and support development projects in Europe, through education, integration, cultural events, leisure activities, sports, and music. The aim of our programs is to encourage self-value, international relationships, tolerance in all areas of cultural differences, programs with children of different nationalities, talent promotion, handicrafts, and cooperation in all forms.

Our Mission

Empowering Communities, Bridging Cultures

At Africa Tomorrow Plus e.V., we are driven by a steadfast commitment to empower individuals and communities. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing education, integration, and cultural exchange, we aim to cultivate an environment of tolerance and understanding that transcends borders. By providing access to educational opportunities, promoting social integration, and facilitating meaningful cultural exchanges, we strive to create pathways for individuals to thrive and contribute positively to society.

Through our mission, we envision a world where diversity is celebrated, differences are embraced, and barriers are dismantled, paving the way for a more inclusive and harmonious global community.

Our Team

Dedicated Professionals Committed to Positive Change

Our team at Africa Tomorrow Plus e.V. comprises passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared vision of making a difference in the world. With expertise spanning education, community development, social work, and more, we work collaboratively to implement impactful projects and initiatives.

Dr. Kenneth Eze


Charlotte Kraus

Project Coordinator

Ben Odigie

PR Manager

Kenneth-Thomas Eze Jr.

Coordinator International matters

Alphonsine Arsfeldt

Coordinator - ATP Sweden

Gustaf Laike

Project Coordinator - ATP Sweden

Jacqueline Laike

PR Manager - ATP Sweden

Teena Sankara

Project Coordinator - ATP Nigeria

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